About us

Four fifty Degrees, "the temperature at which paper burns", is all about taking books and content beyond paper and tradition.

We're excited about the new revolution and have set up 450 Degrees to bring fantastic content to readers in fresh and exciting ways.

Our apps for children are all designed and hand-drawn by Rob who has been illustrating books for young readers for nearly 10 years. Rob has drawn on his printed stories to create experiences that bring out the magic of reading on a tablet.  

For our 'How to' Series we seek out authors who are experts in their fields and work with them to create new learning experiences from scratch - really leveraging the opportunity that tablet publishing gives to show more.  We include more pictures and more videos than you would ever find in a traditional book and we design the apps specifically around you, the reader.
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Sally Foote
Jolene Stocks
Creative & Marketing
Rob Foote 
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