How to Knit

How to Knit is a free, interactive iPad app that will take away the frustrations of learning a new skill by having everything you need in one neat, easy to use app. 

You will be taught by the renowned author Catherine Hirst, who, with more than a decade of teaching behind her, knows a few things about knitting, and is happy to share insider hints and tips to help you along your way.

If you've ever tried teaching yourself to knit, with a book in your lap, knitting in your hands and YouTube video tutorials on the computer, you know it can be a frustrating, clumsy effort. 

This app brings Catherine's expertise to life on your iPad, with video tutorials and clear instruction to help you get started then quickly and proficiently progress. 
How to Knit is unique in that it provides far more instructional tutorials and photos than you would find in any published knitting book. Whether you're a beginner wanting to follow the complete course, or you're already a knitter wanting to improve your technique and try tougher projects, this app is designed to help you – and all this at your own pace and wherever you are.

How to Knit features:
  • Easy to follow step-by-step tutorials
  • Beautiful, clear photographs of every stage in each stitch
  • Informative video tutorials to show you how to master the tricky bits
  • Helpful problem solving tips and techniques
  • Nine exclusive individually priced patterns - including classic garments, stunning accessories and homewares
The patterns are designed to suit every skill level. You can buy them individually (prices start from £1.49) - so you only pay for patterns you like and that suit your ability. They allow you to begin by practising the simple stitches on a beautiful cowl, and quickly progress to cute fingerless gloves and a delicate lace scarf. 

Users have been getting in touch to tell us how much they love the app:
“Your knitting app is wonderful! Beautiful and simple. The way you explain every technique is extremely thorough but not too much. Thank you.”
Teresa Garcia

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